A creamy, weightless formula that helps smooth and even the complexion of the eyelid, creating a perfect canvas for eye makeup. This formula extends the wear of eye ...

Motives Eye Base

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A creamy, weightless formula that helps smooth and even the complexion of the eyelid, creating a perfect canvas for eye makeup. This formula extends the wear of eye shadow, prevents creasing, and makes shadow colours more even, intense, brilliant-looking, fresh, and just-applied all day. Motives is a registered trademark of Market America, Inc. in the United States.


  • Smoothes and neutralizes the eyelids
  • Keeps eye shadow from creasing
  • Eye colour stays true


Cyclopentasiloxane (Cyclomethicone) 
Cyclomethicone is a widely used silicone in hair and skin conditioners. As a silicone, it provides finished skin and hair care products with an excellent feel and ease of application. Additionally, cyclomethicone, like other silicones, has the ability to help deliver active ingredients to the skin and help the skin retain moisture by slowing water loss.

Cera alba (Beeswax) 
Wax from honey bees provides a luxurious consistency that allows for a smooth and even application.

A silicone-based polymer, dimethicone acts as a skin conditioning agent to slow water loss from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface. Dimethicone is also well known for its flow properties, which enhance the smooth application of personal care products.


How should I use Motives Eye Base? 
Smooth Motives Eye Base over bare lids before applying eye makeup. You can use either your finger or a Motives Eye Blender Brush.

Why should I use a base before applying eye shadow? 
The natural oils in your skin can make shadows crease or run when they are in contact with an eye shadow. Applying a base before the shadow puts a buffer layer in between the oils and the shadow, making the shadow look better and stay on longer.

Does the colour of the base matter? 
No. Because the purpose of the base is to hold onto eye shadow colour, the colour of the base itself is less important.

Can I wear Motives Eye Base without wearing any eye shadow? 
Yes. The base eliminates the appearance of shiny eyelids, so you can use it just to reduce shine as well.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use Motives Eye Base? 
Yes. Motives Eye Base will not irritate sensitive skin because it is made with gentle ingredients.


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by KellyG

Great eyelid primer!

I rrally like this eye base. It works very well and a little definitely goes a long way.


by JohnnaH

Great product!

Goes on smooth and does not cake up on your eyelids. Eye shadow glides right on. Best eye base I have used! No drying time...I can apply the base and then immediately apply my eye shadow. Really helps hide dark circles also.


by Chua

Keep my eye shadow...

This base is awesome! Project the actual colour of my eye shadows and my eye make up stays for whole day!!!


by Wei Ting

Secret to Lasting eye makeup!

Ever since I use this eye base before my eye makeup routine, I noticed not just it helps in enhancing the eyeshadow true colour, it also make my eyeshadow last longer by acting as a awesome base from oily lids! I also use the eye base to help me conceal dark circle at times when needed. highly recommend this product if you are an avid eye makeup user! Protect your delicate eyelid from discouration with the eyebase as well!


by JeannineM

Best thing for eyes!

This product is fabulous alone or under your shadow. It will perk up and brighten the eye area, and also makes your shadow go on true color and keeps it staying all day!