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A high-quality sharpener for lip and eye pencils. Designed with utility and convenience in mind, the Motives Pencil Sharpener keeps makeup pencils at the ideal point for precise, smooth application. Motives is a registered trademark of Market America, Inc in the United States.
  • Sharpens to the ideal point for precise, smooth application
  • Contains a pick for easy cleaning
  • Compact in size
  • A must-have for all makeup artists and consumers

How large is Motives Pencil Sharpener? Motives Pencil Sharpener is approximately 1.25” by .75” in size. It’s convenient for travel because it will fit in even the smallest makeup bag.

Is Motives Pencil Sharpener easy to clean? Yes. To clean, simply use the included pick to remove excess product and run cool water over the blade, then let it dry. The blade is sharp, so use extreme caution if you choose to wipe off the blade using another method.

Will Motives Pencil Sharpener work on any eyeliner or lip crayon? Motives Pencil Sharpener will sharpen any pencil eyeliner or lip crayon. Do not attempt to use on non-pencil eyeliners or lip crayons.

How heavy is Motives Pencil Sharpener? Motives Pencil Sharpener is made of plastic so it is extremely lightweight. It won’t add bulk or weight to your makeup bag making it perfect to take on the go.

How do I use Motives Pencil Sharpener? You use Motives Pencil Sharpener like a normal pencil sharpener. Simply insert your Motives Khol Eyeliner or Lip Crayon in the hole and turn clockwise. This will peel away the outer layers of the pencil to reveal more eyeliner or lip crayon and make application more precise and smooth.

Motives Cosmetics Product Reviews

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by Anonymous


Great quality with such a decent price


by WeichenH


cheap,sharp,easy to carry!


by WeichenH

easy to use very sharp!


by YvonneC


Great quality with such a decent price~


by PennyB


After buying many other sharpeners and having them dissapoint I decided to spend a little extra on this one. It is truly worth it, sharpens amazingly. Metal sharpener is a must have for eyeliner pencils.

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