Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush

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A brush featuring a dense, flat head that lets you press pigments onto the skin and create a smooth surface for a perfectly even, ultraluminous finish. This brush is perfect for applying powder foundations to create full-coverage results that look natural. Motives is a registered trademark of Market America, Inc. in the United States.
  • Ideal for mineral powder applications
  • Flat head delivers quick and even distribution of powders
  • Synthetic bristles create soft coverage without over-powdering

How should I use Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush? Using the flat-top, dip the brush into the mineral powder, and tap off any excess powder. Lightly buff the mineral powder onto your skin.

How much powder should I use with the Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush? A small amount of powder should be used with Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush. The synthetic bristles are designed to apply even coverage without over-powdering. Lightly dipping the brush into the powder and tapping off the excess ensures that you have the perfect amount for application.

What Motives powders work best with Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush? It is recommended to use Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush with Motives Custom Mineral Powder or Motives Mineral Pressed Powder.

How do I clean the Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush? For brushes made with natural hair, spray brush cleaner on a hand towel or paper towel, and swirl brushes until clean. For synthetic brushes, swirl brush in plain bar soap, and rinse with water. Lay brushes flat to dry to protect the bristles from shedding and prevent water draining into the handle.

Is Motives Mineral Flat-Top Powder Brush made cruelty free? Yes, this brush is made cruelty free.

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by RachelJ

Multi Purpose!

I bought this product to shape and contour my face. Because of the quality of the product, it creates a soft effect, without any harsh lines. What really appealed to me, was the ability to highlight and contour my eye shape, for a dramatic yet natural look. I love how the colours make my eyes pop!

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