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A set of false eyelashes made with natural hair fibres for an alluring, natural look. Create bigger, fuller, more inviting eyes with our collection of false eyelashes. Motives is a registered trademark of Market America, Inc in the United States.
  • Features natural hair fibres for higher quality lashes
  • Can be worn day or night
  • Gives you instant length and volume
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Alluring, natural-looking lashes
  • Reusable

How do I use Motives False Eyelashes?

  • Trimming the false lashes can help them look more natural.
  • Apply a thin line of Motives Lash Adhesive along the band of the false lash. Let the adhesive set for a few seconds before you place the lashes on your natural lash line. Tweezers can be used for a more delicate touch.
  • Press the lashes onto your lash line and hold for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Blend the false lashes to your own by using Motives Eyelash Curler and Motives Lustrafy Mascara. Make sure that you hold the false lashes to your lash line to ensure they stay put!
  • After wearing, cleanse the lashes with warm, soapy water. Reshape and allow to air dry.
  • Store in their original container to keep them in good condition.

Tip: Applying a thin line of black eyeliner before you apply lashes is another way to make your lash application look seamless.

What are Motives False Eyelashes made out of? Motives False Eyelashes are made of natural hair fibres. This gives them a more natural look and feel than synthetic lashes. It also gives them resiliency for prolonged wear when properly cared for.

How long can I wear Motives False Eyelashes? Motives False Eyelashes will last all day and night; however, we do not recommend sleeping in them as this could cause them to wear down and break quickly.

How many variations does Motives False Eyelashes come in? Motives False Eyelashes come in five different sets ranging from natural volume, natural definition, natural fullness, dramatic volume and dramatic length to complement any look you desire.

Are Motives False Eyelashes easy to apply and remove? Applying false eyelashes does take some practice, but following the directions above will make it a breeze. Remember to gently pull false eyelashes when removing so they do not tear.

Can I use Motives False Eyelashes for more than one occasion? Yes, they can be reused many times if proper care is given when removing, cleaning and storing. After wearing them, simply cleanse the lashes with warm, soapy water. Reshape and allow to air dry. Store in their original container to keep them in good condition.

Motives Cosmetics Product Reviews

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by KatarzynaS

katarzyna sajdyk

Easy to apply and remove, looking great!!!


by AngelaA


It was easy to use.


by YunL


The style I like most is fantasia, looks so natural and very easy to apply


by HelenC


When I opened this, it was hard to get the eyelashes off the plastic because it was glued on pretty good. I actually ripped a few lashes off trying to just get to the eyelashes. I noticed the clear glue was really thick and messy looking and when I tried to take the clear glue off, the eyelashes came off! Disappointed for sure. I will not be purchasing these again.


by Anonymous

0 stars!!

absolutely horrible! the only good thing i can think of is that they look shiny in the packaging. Wheni opened the case, i removed the lashes very gently, and they completely unravelled so i couldnt even fix/use them. i would love to use motives lashes, but they ar enot good at all!

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